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There are Eggfests and Egghead Gatherings all around the country.  They range in size from a few local Eggheads just getting together for some Saturday fun, to thousands of Eggheads attending the annual Eggtoberfest in Atlanta.

Here's a short video of the 2009 Texas Eggfest in Austin:


And here's a Dealer Open House in Houston where the Egg is King:


Or how about some scenes from an Eggtoberfest:

Here's some photos taken at the Plano, Texas "Outlaw Eggheads" Gathering in 2009:

First Salado Mini Egghead Gathering Announced - March 26, 2011

Eggheads do a pretty good job of cooking on their Big Green Eggs at home throughout the year, but when you get a bunch of them together at an Eggfest or other 'gathering of Eggheads' the gloves come off and everyone has a fantastic time sharing what they cook with everyone else.  In fact, various forms of such events have grown from two or three ten years ago to ten times that number today and stretch from coast to coast and into Canada and Europe..

Everyone likes it when fests are close to home.  We already have a "Texas Eggfest" in Austin in April and an "Outlaw Gathering" in Plano in November, but there's always room for another one.

The latest idea came from our very own Mickey (aka Mickey Rawls) from Salado, Texas.  He had mentioned a few years ago that the small town of Salado has a really nice park with a pavilion that would be perfect for an Eggfest.  I had visited Salado sometime later and remembered what he said about the park.  So I drove over to the park and took some photos.  He was right, it is perfect.

 Nearby Salado College Ruins

So Mickey contacted the city council and asked them to wave the park fees and to allow alcoholic beverages for a one day event sometime in March.  The council obliged and it looks like we have us an "Egghead Gathering" in the works.  Mark your calendar for March 26, 2011. 

Mickey posted this on the Big Green Egg Forum today:
(here's the link: http://www.eggheadforum.com/index.php?option=com_simpleboard&func=view&id=983291&catid=1)

Salado is located on I35 half way between Waco and Austin; about 2 ½ hours south of Dallas and about 3 hours north of Houston.

Salado’s claim to fame is B&B’s and antiquing. It is also the site of the annual Salado Scottish Clan Gathering & Highland Games.  If you are of Scottish decent, you will enjoy this gathering each November.

At Mickey's request the city agreed to drop the fee for using the pavilion in the park and waive the rule about adult beverage for that day. The city's only request is that we do not have glass on the grounds.

This is not a Big Green Egg dealer-sponsored event so bring any and all size eggs(need lots of eggs).  Yes, we will share our Eggs with those who cannot not bring one.

Send Mickey an email if you plan to come and what size Egg(s) you will be bringing.  Be sure to give him your phone number so he can contact you if need be.

Mickey said he will work on getting door prizes and good rates at hotels and Bed & Breakfasts. 

If any of you are RV'ers there's an RV Park nearby.  The city does not permit overnight RV parking.

If you are making reservations at the Host B&B, Inn on the Creek, call them direct at 877-947-5554. Be sure to tell them you are an Egghead.  The web site will not work because Mickey reserved the entire hotel for us...

For information, contact:

Mickey Rawls (aka Mickey)
cell 254.289.1877

Here's a map for you.