More Good News

He won't be coming but he did the next best thing to let us know he's thinking of us.  I'm talking about Fred Bernardo of Fred's Music and BBQ Supply in Shillington, Pennsylvania, an Egghead like none other. 

He sent this to Mickey today:

Mickey, we would love to be a sponsor of your fest. I'm sending you a selection of Tasty Licks BBQ Rubs and Seasonings to use as you wish as door prizes etc. Thanks for the opportunity.
Fred Bernardo

Thanks Fred.  Wish you could join us in Salado.

Check out his web site:

Behind the Scenes

If any of you have volunteered or been assigned the task of organizing an Eggfest, you know first hand that there's a lot of 'stuff' that needs to be done before anything else happens.  Some of it isn't easy, and definitely requires time and effort, and sometimes out-of-pocket expense.

The Salado Egghead Gathering is no different.  I just wanted you to know that things are happening behind the scenes, mostly due to the efforts of Mickey Rawls: aka Mickey.  You may know him as mild-mannered, laid-back, supportive and a pretty good cook, but I now know him as all that plus energetic, unrelenting, creative, unselfish, organized, inquisitive, and even demanding if that's what it takes to pull off a great Salado Egghead Gathering.

He approached the Village of Salado Council for permission to hold the Gathering in the City Park and to waive the No-Alcohol provision for the day.

He's already ordered name badge blanks and holders (the kind that stays right side forward).

He's gotten local restaurants, hotels, bed & breakfasts involved.

He received a $200 donation from the Toyota dealership where he works.  That alone may help keep us from having to charge for attending.

He ordered tables and chairs to be delivered, set-up and returned.

And as of a few minutes ago I learned that he will be bringing Salado Egghead Gathering T-shirts to the Coop Christmas Party on Saturday for some of those who ordered them.  Here's what they look like:

I suppose I could go on and on with praise but knowing Mickey, he's probably blushing already.  He just wants everyone to have a great time.

Oh, by the way...  Our blog site just topped 2,500 views and the number continues to grow at over 40 views per day.  Someone sure is interested in our little Gathering.

Don't you just love it when people take notice of what we Eggheads do for fun...