It's Time To Start Getting Ready For The Salado Eggfest

We only have a few weeks before the Salado Eggfest, so it's time for us to start the wheels turning.  That means arranging for the Park in Salado, arranging for tables and chairs, arranging for door prizes and a thousand other things that need to be done to make sure it will be another fun-filled weekend for everyone who attends.

Fortunately, Mickey has already done most of the leg work but we still need for attendees to make plans and to let us know you're coming, and whether or not you will be cooking.  We will be asking for registration in advance like last year because it really makes it a lot easier on everyone involved in doing the planning and setup.  The registration form is below.

Meanwhile, with a little luck and some finger-crossing, we should have great weather.  The Farmer's Almanac isn't being real specific but apparently the weather patterns lean toward warmer and dryer than in decades past.  Let's hope it's not too dry like 2011. 

Anyway, last year's "Gathering" was great and we are looking forward to this one being even better.  '

Oh by the way, over thirty countries have checked out our web site and continue to do so on a daily basis.  We've had well over 10,000 hits from people wanting to know "What the heck is going on in Salado that smells so good."

Here's the Attendance information we need.

Attendance Info Form

If you plan to attend the Salado Egghead Gathering, it would help if we have some information so to better plan for the event. If you would please copy and paste the following questions to an email to, then fill in the space beside each question.

Yes, I plan to be there.

My Name: ( )

My Big Green Egg Handle: ( )

I Live In: ( )

Joining Me Will Be: ( )

I Plan To Bring My mini, sm, med, lg Egg: ( )

I Plan To Cook: ( )

My Mobile Number: ( )

My Email Address: ( )

Additional Info: ( )


See you in Salado