Salado Recipes

A couple of weeks ago I sent emails to all registered cooks and requested they provide me with the recipes along with any photos of all the items they cooked in Salado. My intention is to create a Recipe Book to be included in this blog. That way, anyone wishing to obtain the recipe of their favorite snacks need only to check the blog. I thought what better way to recognize the efforts of all the cooks than to pass on their recipes.

In order to receive the recipes in a timely manner, I bestowed the following 'blessing' on those who hesitated to send them by April 14th. "If you fail to do so, may the smell of a thousand camels enter your nostrils and remain there until you abandon your stalling tactics."

Well, it's now April 16th and I only have a few recipes. Perhaps enough to get it started but certainly not fully reflective of all those outstanding dishes prepared on the Big Green Eggs.

I suspect those who did not submit their recipes are probably 'enjoying' the smell of a thousand camels wherever they go in their busy schedules.

The curse can be lifted only by sending the recipes. Please do so soon or the camel herd will increase in size and pungency. Send to

Thanks to those who submitted their recipes. I'm sure you are breathing well these days.

Salado Door Prizes

If you are among the many people who won door prizes in Salado, you are fortunate indeed.  There were some really nice items donated by some really generous supporters.  If you had the opportunity to cruise by the door prize table, you got to see some very familiar products and some not so familiar products.  But one thing was very clear, they were all useful and very much appreciated by those who won.

Here's a partial list of those who donated items:

Even if you didn't win any of these prizes, try to visit their businesses and web sites and use their products.  They supported us so now it's our turn to support them.  Perhaps next year they will be just as generous.