March 17, 2012 selected for Next Salado Egghead Gathering

It isn't set in stone yet but Mickey decided that March 17, 2012 would be the best date for the next Salado Egghead Gathering.

He still has to meet with the Board of Aldermen on July 7th to officially request the use of the Park and waver of fees, as well as a waver of the ban on alcohol.

Given the nice turnout and promotion of the Village of Salado last year, I'm pretty sure we can swing it for that date.

I'm trying to decide whether to start a new blog for this event, or even set up a permanent web site.  It takes a bit of effort do keep a site up to date and a lot of effort to create a new one.  But for now, I will use this site as a place to announce important information.

See you in Salado.

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