Salado 2014

Salado 2014 was a really great time

We expected 300 to 400 Attendees and we were not disappointed.

The weather was great, well except for a short rain shower, and the temperature was perfect.  We expect the same or better for 2015.

So, if you're either thinking about coming to Salado, or definitely coming to Salado, now's as good'a time as any to pen a reminder to Register sometime in January or February 2015.  And as always, a team (namely me) will be standing by to receive and process your registrations.  Registering now will save you and us a lot of time later.  

We hope to open the on-line registrations for the 2015 Salado Eggfest by January 1, 2015.   

Here's the registration link: whern the time comes.

And if you just want to let some of your family or friends know about Salado, here's the link:

And don't forget, if you're interested in purchasing one or more of the Demo Eggs or Big Green Egg EGGcessories at a really great price, here's the link:

See you in Salado.

Spring "Fest Scribe" Chicken

Spring Texas USA

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