The Latest on the Salado Eggfest 2016

Mickey announced last year that it was his last year to organize the Salado Eggfest which he started years ago.  We knew there would be changes as someone else took on the responsibility and burden of organizing it and thought we could adjust to them.

Meanwhile, there was a tragic accident that resulted in the death of one of the key players and co-owners of The Inn on the Creek, the host B&B and primary site for pre and post Eggfest parties.

Add to that the less than enthusiastic attitude of the new manager at the host dealer, and it was looking like the Salado Eggfest would be discontinued.

But earlier today I learned that the Salado Eggfest will go on.  Will at Inn on the Creek, and Ace Hardware of Salado will make it happen.

The date, Saturday, March 12, 2016

All the details will have to come from the new organizers.  Like Mickey, I'm stepping back and letting someone else run the show.  But I plan be there to cook and have fun.

So this will probably be my last entry in this blog regarding Salado Eggfest updates.

See you in Salado.

Spring "Former Fest Scribe" Chicken
Spring Texas USA


  1. Hi Leroy. We sure will miss this. Any chance a new date has been nailed down?

  2. A mix of bad news and good news, with the good news being that the 2016 Salado Eggfest will be held after all! Hoping to see y'all there.