The Countdown to Salado Continues

Well, the counting is almost over.  It looks like there’s going to be an Egghead Gathering.  Can’t stop it from happening now because it’s just  1 day from now.  Lots of folks are really getting Eggcited.

As of now, we have 180 registered.  Unfortunately, three of them have notified us that they can’t come.  Something to do with work. 

There are 35 who registered to cook, and a total of 35 Eggs (10 Demos and 25 personal Eggs) to cook on (assuming everyone who said they would is bringing their Eggs).  I’m sure the food they cook will be delicious.

Spring Hen and I are 90% packed and 85% loaded.  It won’t take long to do the rest.  We hope to arrive in Salado shortly after Noon on Friday.  We first want to swing by the Park for a look-see to make sure it’s ready for us.  Then check in with Mickey, but after that we’ll be available for Meet’n and Greet’n and Midnight Sleep’n.

If you arrive in town early enough you might swing by Keith Ace Hardware in Salado and introduce yourself.  They are the new BGE dealer in town and are serving as Host Dealer.  They are also donating one of the three Mini Eggs we’re giving away in the drawing.

Be sure to stop by the Check-In / Registration desk when you arrive at the Pace Park pavilion.  That’s where you will receive your name badge and tickets for the drawing.  Everyone must have a name badge.  There are over 3,000 visitors expected in Salado while we’re there.  Most will be at the other events, but some may smell the smoke and want to come see what’s going on.  I think it’s safe to say, we can’t handle that many people asking “What are y’all doing?” and “What’s that green thing?” and “Can I have some?”   There are some great door prizes.

I’ll be taking photos and video of the event so keep your smiles on when I’m around.  And if you take some good photos, by all means share them with us.  We Eggheads love pictures.

By the way, we’ve now had 8,330 hits on our blog.  And we thought 100 hits would be a really big deal…

The weather should be in the mid 80’s, 10 mph breeze and a partly cloudy sky.  No rain.  Perfect !

There will also be an After Party on Saturday for those sticking around Saturday night.  It’s at Inn on the Creek.

See you in Salado.

Aka Spring “Done Count’n And Now Load’n” Chicken
Spring Texas USA

If you're coming and haven't registered, we really, REALLY need some information from you.  Just fill it out and email it to Mickey...

Here's what we need:

Attendance Info Form

If you plan to attend the Salado Egghead Gathering, it would help if we have some information so to better plan for the event. If you would please copy and paste the following questions to an email to, then fill in the space beside each question.

Yes, I plan to be there.

My Name: ( )

My Big Green Egg Handle: ( )

I Live In: ( )

Joining Me Will Be: ( )

I Plan To Bring My mini, sm, med, lg Egg: ( )

I Plan To Cook: ( )

My Mobile Number: ( )

My Email Address: ( )

Additional Info: ( )
Thanks in advance.

Special Note:  If you plan to bring your RV, there is no overnight parking in the park, but S
See you in Salado

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