Salado Egghead Gathering 2011 Is Over - And What A Time It Was

Mickey did good.

There were definitely over 200 attendeees and as expected, a lot of them were Newbies looking to learn more about the Egg.  Well, they got a real education because there was plenty of food to eat and plenty of cooks to explain the recipe or the process.

This had to be one of the top five Egghead Gatherings we've been to.

We saw old friends and made new ones.  We also met some very Eggcited people who will no doubt be Eggheads for a very long time.

Photos and videos will follow.

Yes, Mickey you did good.  Now you can rest.

Spring "Still Tired To The Bone" Chicken
Salado Texas USA  

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  1. Darlene and I agree, Spring Chicken! What a GREAT time we had. Super job, Mickey! Can't wait for our next Eggfest Adventure! - - Big Al 4Soggy